From Jesse! To All My Family and Friends…. Thank You!

It has been one month to the day since the accident.

It has been the hardest month of my life.

My mind, body, and spiritual being has been completely shaken by the loss of one of my best friend’s, Corey, and the current paralyzing of my legs. I say “current” because I am doing my damnedest to repair this condition through the therapy Craig Hospital offers, and also visualization, mediation, acupuncture, massage, and absolute optimism to still overcome what will be extremely difficult. As I struggle to improve, Corey often guides my thoughts. In addition, my friend, Stefan, who was also in the accident has offered unique perspective and words that only he can.

I want to thank everyone who have reached out by text, email, voicemail, and letter. I have not had the energy to reply but I want each of you to know that I have read and listened to your messages and deeply, deeply appreciate your kind words. Your words have made my days feel less uphill. And I often read your words again later when I need more levity.

Lastly, I want to thank and send my love to my partner, Lindsay, who has supported me everyday while I work hard to find my feet again.

And of course, my mom, who has always been there for me.

4 thoughts on “From Jesse! To All My Family and Friends…. Thank You!

  1. You have a large LoveforJesse team behind you here in NH. So glad you are at Craig where you will get the best and know you will give it your all. Love ya.


  2. Hi Jesse and Lindsay! I am the EMT who rode with Jesse down to Craig and I was so inspired by both of you during our time together. I have you both in my prayers and know that your positive outlook will take you far, and your teamwork will make all things possible for you. I wish you the best always, and look forward to Jesse’s book when I get it. Take good care of each other and keep your bright perspective and love of life and adventure.


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